Walk-Behind Compaction
Parts for Stone compaction

Holland Equipment offers a variety of compaction solutions.

A variety of walk-behind compactors with superior performance, value-added features, and easy service including rammers, plates, trench rollers and walk-behind rollers.
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Forward Plate Compactor

Forward Plates
The eccentric is mounted forward of the engine, Toro Forward Plates deliver faster travel speeds, higher amplitudes and increased climbability.

Reversible Plate

Reversible Plates
Superior compaction in any direction. Forward. Reverse. On the Spot. Reversible Plates are ideal for compacting sand, gravel, and mixed soils in narrow trenches and along foundations, walls, and abutments.

Trench Roller with remote control

Trench Roller
For SALE OR RENT - You can try before you buy. Trench rollers provide optimum productivity on all soils, work hard and deliver maximum total applied force for greater impact in a single pass.


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