EZ Standard Tooth Bar Attachment


EZ attachments are an ideal addition to any business because they:


        Eliminate the need for costly, multiple buckets or machines

        Allow smaller equipment to perform heavier duty work

Holland Equipment, Utah

        Feature our patented unique "V" shaped design which provides protection for the bucket edge and more digging strength

        Are durable and easy to install


A heavy duty digging attachment for any new or used skid steer, loader, farm tractor or small rental machine featuring:


EZ Attachments

        Patented unique "V" style construction using 3/8" x 3 1/2" Grade 1044 steel and alloy shanks with replaceable O.E.M. crimped-on 2AH teeth (overall tooth & shank is 1 3/4" W x 4" L)

        A bucket cutting edge that is stronger than most O.E.M. buckets with teeth

        Teeth spaced 11" apart on average

        Steel 1/2" reinforcement pins located within the "V" of the attachment - spaced 5 1/2" apart

        Wear pads on the bottom plate


The exact inside dimension of the bucket must be provided to insure a proper fit (tooth bars are cut approximately 1/2" less than this measurement for easy installation).   

We must also know  if the bucket has an additional bolt-on edge.  Our "V" design fits over most bolt-on edges.

Bolt and nut assembly included with every attachment.



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