Also widely known as the Ken-lift, the scissor action of this lifter will grip concrete block, wall, curb and median wall securely. Our exclusive actuator uses the force of gravity to cause the barrier tongs to clamp tightly against the wall surface. barrier lift

Choose any model from our 1500 pound capacity curb lifter to our 30,000 pound capacity model and see what a difference it will make in your daily productivity.

Kenco Barrier Lifts provide a safe, easy, and efficient solution for lifting and placing concrete barrier wall. Exclusive elastomer grips provide superior performance - even in inclement weather. These rugged barrier tongs provide full surface contact without damaging the concrete. The Barrier Lift is available in models to handle capacities ranging from 1500 to 30,000 pounds. Larger capacities can also be achieved by using multiple barrier tongs.


Model        Weight   Capacity (lbs)        Usage (feet)

KL1500         200         1500             concrete curbing
KL9000         600         9000             10 to 16 ft wall
KL12000        800        12000             16 to 20 ft wall
KL12000NG      900        12000             16 to 20 ft wall
KL15000       1100        15000             20 to 30 ft wall
KL20000       1400        20000             30 to 40 ft wall
KL30000       1400        30000             30 to 40 ft wall

Kenco offers barrier tongs in two models of the Barrier Lift Kenco offers the Barrier Lift in two types: the automatic model and a semi-automatic version.

Auto barrier lift

The automatic models allow the machine operator to perform the entire lifting cycle from inside the cab.

Semi-auto barrier lift

The semi-automatic models require a ground assistant to raise the latch handle into the lock position prior to the lift operation


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