Lifting Slings

Holland Equipment Co. SLC, UT

At Holland Equipment we construct custom lifting slings.

Our most popular specialty lifting product is often referred to as a Bardon® Choker Sling. These wire rope slings are perfect for lifting pipe or logs.

SLING CLOSE-UPWe commonly manufacture these slings from 3/8", 1/2", 5/8", 3/4" or 7/8" wire rope (depending upon your weight requirements). See chart below.

This sling features a loop on one end of the rope, sometimes called a "Flemish eye" due to the nature of the splice. On the other is a dead-end ferrule. There is a quick-connect choker hook that slides the length of the rope so the sling will adjust to any size sling loop you need.

We construct these slings using either bare wire rope of from Plastic Filled Valley rope. PFV rope is not simply coated wire rope, the plastic is infused through each strand.


Let us know about your job and your specifications; we'll build an assembly for your application.
Below you'll find a spec chart for wire rope strength.
wire rope spec chart

Download the Holland Wire Rope Sling Manual

We can also build custom chain slings, and supply you with
nylon tie-downs to all types of nylon and poly slings.


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